Growth Pursuits is a full service e-com and online marketing consultancy.

Based in Texas—available online and worldwide.


A track record of helping some of the world’s most innovative companies find market success:

Why Growth Pursuits?

With extensive experience in e-commerce, SaaS, and publication/blogging-style businesses, we’ve got the chops to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

We’ll work with you to design powerful marketing approaches that are sustainable and executable longterm, on your own. After all, a strategy is meaningless if you aren’t empowered to see it through.


Holistic content marketing

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

Everyone’s talking about ‘content marketing’ but hardly anyone is doing it right. What types of content will hook your audience? How much should you be investing in content? Is content marketing even right for your  business? We specialize in creating actionable content strategies that build a stronger brand connection, drive more organic traffic, and increase audience engagement.

It doesn’t stop with content creation, either. We’ll work with you to create a repeatable distribution playbook to ensure you’re extracting maximum value from your content efforts, every time. From organic and paid social, to influencer and community outreach, we’ll determine the best promotion workflow for you.

Content is quantifiable. Let’s use it to create positive business outcomes.


SEO strategy and execution

With online advertising costs and competition increasing, all businesses should be making organic search a priority. A comprehensive approach to search engine optimization results in lower traffic costs with an audience that has a greater intent to convert. We take a comprehensive view of SEO, factoring in all the on-site and off-site actions that drive success, and clearly define the steps needed for longterm visibility in search.


Web video production

Whether a product explainer, customer testimonial, or tutorial series, unleash the power of video to drive conversions and engagement. With years of experience managing video teams in tech companies, we’re able to successfully execute your vision via live action or motion graphics.


Conversion rate optimization

Visitors alone don’t pay the bills. Whether it’s defining a landing page strategy for paid search or creating irresistible email signup opportunities on-site, we obsess over ways to convert traffic into customers. With larger audiences, we test compulsively, determining the offers and messages that results in the greatest conversions.


Data reporting and analytics

What are the metrics that matter most to you? We’ll run those against all marketing efforts to ensure that you’re getting the greatest return on your investment.

Data is only valuable if it’s actionable. That’s why we work with our clients to create templatized reporting and dashboards, that show real-time insights and direct next actions.


Competitive intelligence

Maintain market dominance with a clear view of where you stand. Let us work with you to create a sophisticated competitive intelligence strategy that tracks players in your market on an ongoing basis. How are your competitors spending their marketing budget and what effect is it having on their business? Are they trending up or down in search results? Stay in the know.

Growth Pursuits’ principal is Danny Greer, a growth marketer with over a decade of experience working with leading tech companies.

Danny ran the content marketing team at InVision…widely considered to be one of the best content programs in the tech space. This, at a time when InVision climbed toward a $1B valuation.

He previously managed the content marketing program at Shutterstock, the world’s leading provider of stock media.

Danny was employee #1 at PremiumBeat, where he was CMO and ran all marketing. Content marketing was PremiumBeat’s most effective channel, with 70% of all site traffic coming in through content….over 1M visits a month. PremiumBeat was sold to Shutterstock in 2015 for $33M+.

He has his MFA degree in TV/film and spent the first five years of his professional career as a full time video editor.

Danny has helped numerous digital and terrestrial businesses successfully build, execute, and scale their online marketing strategies.


Client and colleague feedback

“Danny ‘gets it’. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him at two different organizations, and both times he catapulted successful marketing programs through valuable content and next-level customer understanding. He’s highly respected by others for his clever thinking, infectious energy, and commitment to exceeding expectations.”
David F. – COO at InVision


“In conversations with people who know him, I use Danny as my example of what it means to be an ‘A-player’. I’ve found a way to work with him three different times over the years and will continue to do so.”
Mike D. – Co-Founder at DataFox


“Danny is one of the few, talented, folks out there who has the ability to effectively strategize at a high level and also dive into the details and nail down tactics. He’s incredibly trustworthy and does what it takes to get the job done. He knows SEO back to front, and how to make content relatable and authentic. Aside from that, Danny is a great teammate, manager, and human — plain and simple. I would jump at the chance to work with him again.”
Amanda S. – Director of Marketing Platform at InVision


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